By June coming year, it is a compulsory for new homes to have smoke detectors and this doesn’t exclude the Housing Board flats.

This new policy was disseminated only after a shoutout from the Straits Times last August by Josephine Teo, the Second Minister for Home Affairs. She stated that with those smoke detectors, the occupants will be warned for smokes or fires.

” The residents can do something to kill the fire and control it from affecting other areas or in cases when it can no longer be controlled, possible quick escape can be done,” stressed by Mrs. Teo, the Minister of Prime Minister’s Office and the Second Minister of Manpower. She announced this during the Fire Safety Asia Conference, Singapore 2017, November 16, 2017.

Once the implementation takes effect,  all single -storey new units are required to install one device only.

For multi-storey property, every floor is required to have a minimum of one device and for those homes which maximize the 70 sqm as their living and dining room, is compelled to install a minimum of 2 devices.

Homeowners are given the option to install above the required number of a smoke detector, but they are prohibited to install in areas where smoke and steam from kitchen or bathing can spark false alarm.

The ongoing development that goes through fire safety measures the month after June, like repairs that involve fire -rated door,  still covered by the latest fire policy and must install smoke detectors.




The suggested kind of smoke detector has a built-in battery that survives for a decade and price ranges from $80 to $50, based on the latest market price.

The occupants can avail also of the dry -cell versions at an affordable price, $40 or lesser but the disadvantage is that its life last for 1 year only and needs to be replaced.

As per the record of The Strait Times, the online retailers claimed that some of these detectors come in removable batteries, the bulk of supplies are only as low as $5 and supplied by China.

Nonetheless, the Singapore Civil Defense Force(SCDF)  compels them to comply with Australian, American or European standards in terms of fire alarms, told by a press release the other day.

The expenditure of installing the detectors in new housing units will be shouldered by developers, while for those owners of actual homes needs to cover for them.

To help those who can barely afford, the People’s Association, SCDF and HDB  will build detectors for more or less  50,000. households over public rental units for free.

Those households which have a member of the family who is at age  6o and more are the top priority.

Mrs. Teo stressed that the significant consideration when upgrading the Fire Code which now in its seventh edition is the aging demographics of the occupants.

She urged the current homeowners to put up also the smoke detector even though it is not compulsory for their group.

” The HDB will be imposing installation of smoke detectors in most of its existing developments or projects although these ongoing developments have building blueprints submitted before June 2018. I am hoping that those private homeowners and private developers will follow same.”

An example of which is the Kampung Admiralty, project development for the seniors have built fire alarm mechanism attached to the main alarm system.

The new fire code policy will make it also compulsory for those non -residential properties having huge unmanned areas, like the warehouses to implement the video image fire detection scheme.

This high -end tech system utilizes a video analytics to catch fire or smoke thus transmitting information to the building owners or safety managers to do a quick investigation and give an appropriate response as quickly as possible.

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