A medical specialist, gynaecologist has been sued to court and was asked to pay for $10,000 plus  being prohibited  to practice his profession for eight months  because of performing Oophorectomy  to the side of the patient without the full knowledge and approval of the patient, reported Singapore Medical Council (SMC) on November 14, Tuesday.

Dr. Jen Shek was asking for a review of his case but his appeal was not recognized by Court of Three Judges cited that the doctor manifested ” lack of care” the way he handled his patient.  He has to pay damages such as legal costs of the entire hearing and would be censured by the court.

Dr. Jen, a 62,  caliber gynecologist performed Oophorectomy to the left ovary of the patient on August 10, revealed SMC. The patient claimed that she was told to sign a consent which an empty form, as per court documents.

The named of the operation to be done was ” open left Oophorectomy”, which involved the removal of the left ovary. This kind of procedure was the one written in that empty sheet which the specialist failed to explain, she revealed.

The woman, 34 years of age thought that what was taken from her ovary was the mass only and only after eight months she found out that the left ovary was no longer in the uterine cavity. She only knew this after going to another doctor for a pregnancy check-up.

Dr. Jen was sentenced guilty to two charges of professional incompetence in the inquiry of disciplinary tribunal held, 2016. The grounds are solid, he ordered the patient for mass removal with no preoperative thorough evaluation and counseling and let the patient undergo Oophorectomy without proper consent through a signed document.

The inquiry came up with the analysis that the procedure must not have been done by all means. It also reported that the specialist’s  vague medical records and not sympathetic to the patient’s well-being.

“It is surprising, Dr. Jen did not manifest any sign of guilt feeling towards removal of the left ovary and fallopian tube of patient’s simple benign case and even boasted that he can do something in enhancing her fertility condition,” SMC told

Dr. Jen’s appeal towards tribunal’s sentenced which was filed last January 2017, was not recognized instead it was dismissed by the court, Tuesday.

The court also reiterated that the medical specialist could not practice his profession temporarily for one year and six months and that suspension for only 6 months is not justifiable to the consummated action.

The court stressed, ” Though the term of the suspension considered halved on account of bog down in prosecution, still the suspension continues to be at eight months.”

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