Tay Yong Kwang, 69 years of age was penalized of  $1,000 for spreading flour all over Woodleigh Station thus made the station ceased its operation for a couple of hours.

A 69-year-old senior marked the trail for running route by using a flour over Woodleigh MRT Station thus caused security panic. He was given a fine of $1000 on November 29, Wednesday for public disturbance.

Tay Yong Kwang accepted the accusations of causing public trouble by pouring the flour at different areas in and all over the station of Upper Serangoon Road, April 18, 2017, at around 1 pm.

Over 100 security officers are sent to address the security scare. The Station was temporarily closed for about three hours and beyond thus affecting 1,000 commuters or more, told Tang Shangjun, the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

He was given the maximum penalty because this was the worst scenario ever happened at the MRT Station.

“He poured some white powder within the premises of the public transport facility. It is but justifiable to jump to a conclusion that the station personnel, security officers, commuters and the public were scared and in panicked that there was more danger brought by this flour on the floor,” he stated.

The DPP told that there must have been a continuous media drive on the significance of the public to be vigilant on the suspicious elements or substances and how to categorize it. The White powder is categorized as highly suspicious elements, he explained.

A clear information must be disseminated to the majority public, they should not leave things unattended or those items which are considered a threat to the security around public areas or other transport areas where there is a bulk of commuters or human traffic, he shared.

The court revealed that Tay was part of the running club named as “Seletar Hash House Harriers,” which is composed of 30 people who usually run for 8km- route.

Every week, the route to run changes and this is decided by the person who is designated for the weeks as the “Hare”. The “Hare” is responsible for planning the route and marking it with the aid of materials such as chalk, paper, and flour.

That day when the incident happened, Tay was the Hare. He set the route direction from Aljunied Road to Serangoon Gardens and dropped some flour on the ground with a distance of 10 to 15m. Two club members helped him.

Woodleigh MRT was considered the landmark of the route because runners supposedly to pass in the underpass heading to the station, in order to refrain from running in the major highway, explained DDP Tang.

As Chay Yuen Fatt, the District Judge confirmed that this was one of the worst incidents in terms of materials used and trouble that it gave to the public, he agreed with the defense lawyer Harjeet Singh’s mitigation plea, that Tay has no intention of causing any alarming incident and public scare.

The judge told, ” With that statement, it couldn’t be considered as the worst case.”

He added, that though Tay has no bad intention of causing public panicked, he must be responsible and should not have taken such action.

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