One of the greatest concern of parents when allowing a child to use an iPad is the possibility that kids might roam around inappropriate places unless you are constantly checking each and every swipe they made.  But iPads have are really amazing and impressive, and this brilliant person of Apple have included brilliant features that parents usually not so well versed of, even they are unaware that it existed.

The following are the 7 major features of the iPad that each parent must be aware of and knows how it functions and uses: 

Blocking apps and contents

You may keep within bounds kid’s access to his iPad in many ways.  You may block some websites, apps, and services like the Youtube, Siri, Safari, Facebook by hovering the Restrictions.  Find Settings > General > Restrictions and select the features or apps you want to restrict. In the same place, you can also block adult or sensitive content,  check movies with their rating, those with the low rating, restrict the kids from it.  You can also select websites, so the iPad only permits an access to the desired websites entered.

Use Guided Access

You can provisionally limit a single app to the device, thus content and other apps remain close.  Simply, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Turn on the Guided Access. You can secure it with a password.  Then, if you are in the selected app, click 3 times button home to activate. If you want to deactivate, simply do the same thing, triple -click the button Home again.

Set the specific time limit

You can set a particular time and duration for an app to be active in your device, just hit the button -Option under Guided Access to the app and option that allows time limit will pop out.  After the time set consumed then automatically the app will sleep. It also gives a 30-second alert.

Set up Family Sharing

It is but normal for all families to have multiple devices with various music, apps, and performances. Family Sharing is a  big fun, it is so convenient and fun to share contents to the different devices without the hassle of sharing accounts. Create an Apple ID for all your kids, hoover to Settings > iCloud > Family > Create an Apple ID.  This gives you the chance to control everything that your kids downloaded as much as restricting the Apps per kid’s age. The moment kids have their personal ID account, jump to Settings > iCloud > Set Up Family Sharing and keep following the prompts. Worry not, it won’t share everything automatically. Actually, you can keep the apps you personally purchase, so this will prevent them from seeing the apps installed on your personal device!

Set up Ask to Buy

After setting the Family Sharing app, Ask to Buy is enabled by default to a kid below the age of 13. Also, you can turn on this to any member of the family below 18, by simply clicking Settings > iCloud > Family and follow the prompts.  When this is activated, a message will alert you asking to approve in -app downloads and purchases, including the free ones!

Utilize the Find, my Friends

Because it is part of the app, Family Sharing, Find My Friends app will tell or share the location of the device.  It might not be great significance to the little ones but this plays a role in keeping an eye on older kids without disturbing them. Find My Phone app is such a big help in tracking down forgotten or lost iPad as another member has the app to access other devices of the family.

Regulate the volume

Adult and kids have a different tolerance for music and noise. If the kid turns the volume high and it becomes irritating already, then you can directly regulate it by jumping to Settings > Music > Volume. Set and regulate the maximum level.