On January 14, the Bidadari estate will partially open its three newly made roads to cater the incoming developments in the area.

And they are as follows, Bidadari Park Drive, Woodleigh Link, and Alkaff Crescent.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) told that the Bidadari Park Drive is the main road that plays a role in acting as the major transportation spine of the whole Bidadari area.

Soon the full length of new property developments will be extending across, starting  Bartley Road straight to the Upper Serangoon Road.

Most of the occupants living in the neighborhood of Bidadari estate fully supported the construction of these new builds road, especially in the areas of Bidadari Park Drive.

Saiful Said, an engineer and a resident of  Block 103, Potong Pasir Avenue 1, reported to the Strait Times that he usually rides his big bike via Bartley Road just to visit his friends living in MacPherson.

He told: ” At present, I have to pass on the Upper Serangoon Avenue prior to taking a right turn heading to Bartley Road. This ride only takes me 10 minutes. If the Bidadari Park drive is ready for its operation then I guess the 10 minutes will decrease to five minutes.”

Another woman, 42 and hides her identity expressed the same opinion.

She told, ” Some students who live in Potong Pasir and goes to school in the area of Bartley such as the St Gabriel Secondary and Maris Stella High School. I believed this will shorten their traveling time.”

However, a certain retiree was not in favor of the construction.

He explained, ” I don’t believe that the newly built road will shorten the time travel. I lived in Potong for over a decade already and am so nostalgic about the Bidadari cemetery due to its serenity and that luscious greenery, sad but now the area is converted into a new housing estate.”

The state-of-the-art traffic lights will be built also along the area.  It will be placed along Bidadari Park Drive, intersections of Upper Serangoon Road, Alkaff Crescent and Upper Aljunied Road.

HDB reiterated, ” Motorists are requested to drive safely and slowly if near to the traffic signals and to abide with the traffic light signal.  During the building of new traffic light junction, some police officers will be assigned to assist the motorists.”

Way back, November 2015, when  HDB launched over 6,000 units of seven advance-generation public housing development like the Woodleigh Glen, Alkaff Oasis, Woodleigh Village and Alkaff Lakeview.

It has been known that the said flats garnered a positive response,  which has a ratio of 5:1, five applications is to one flat.

The whole architectural layout of Bidadari was initiated in 2013 of August and it won an inspiration and appreciation over the innovative landscape and rich culture of the place.

The residents can have a brisk walking and cycling with ease and comfort through a Bidadari Greenway right in the Bidadari Park Drive.

Stretching from a 93ha, more or less as big as the 150 football fields, the property is surrounded by Mount Vernon Road, Bartley Road, Sennett Estate and Upper Serangoon Road.

It is now a kind of attraction which once a place for the biggest grave area. Luscious greenery,  social spots will also be featured in the are, this will materialize their vision of  “a community in a garden”

The owners of the property will be given a chance to enjoy the neighboring market and the beauty of panoramic lake and park.

The Bidadari estate is the target as the first place in Singapore to have an underground bus which is with full blast aircon down the Housing Board units.

The latest interchange following Woodleigh MRT Station is anticipated to be ready by 2019.